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Starting today I want to change up my weekly inspiration for us women! Wednesday is the new spot for us to be inspired and uplifted. every Wednesday we will focus on a woman and how they have empowered, pressed through and SURVIVED!

Today may have not started the way you would have liked. You may have felt the heaviness of the world on your shoulders but guess what? You don't have to. Today you can decide what you carry, what you hold on to and what you let go of.

If we're honest with ourselves then we all can agree that life is hard, at times feels like giving up or throwing in the towel is the only option but today I encourage you to try again! Pick up that vision board and start your goals again. Life sometimes takes a toll and we lose ourselves with everything else we have going on and I can honestly say I've been there. Making sure everyone else is fine and forgetting and the most important person of them all, ME! Guess what? If you don't have you together everything else falls apart. The people you love can't do it if your not up to it.

WOF (Woman of Focus this week is EVE)


GEN 3:1-24


"We can come back from ANYTHING"


Part A: In your journal I want you to write down your goals for the remainder of the year. Include important dates and times. I want you to do a goal breakdown which will help you to complete this goal for the remainder of the year.

EX. Goal is to save $500

18 weeks remaining 121 days remaining

Take each goal and do18 week and 121 day tracker of what you plan to do to accomplish that goal.

Part B: In your journal write down everything you don't like about yourself. Everything that you don't like to talk about. Those dark secrets.

Part C: Pray over your list. Each one.

Pray with me today ladies...

Lord, I thank you for all you've done for me. Thank you for not giving up on me. Forgive me for any sins I have committed known or unknown. Keep us focused during this fast and allow a new creature to be formed from this commitment to you. Lord thank you for your blessings that will over power us and cancel every assignment of the enemy. Lord these are my goals let you see fit as to how it happens. I only want your success and timing to come. You know my purpose and you know what I need. Thank you for all you have done and all you're about to do in Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Love you all and have a great Wednesday

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