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What is Women Empowerment really???

As we join movement after movement and follow one leader after the next I wanted to really dissect Women Empowerment and what it means to me. As a woman who wears many titles myself and contributes to the WOMEN EMPOWERMENT MOVEMENT lets start from what the Bible says we are because God created all things. 

The word tells us that we all have a purpose that comes from God when we were born he knew what it would be that we would do. How we would contribute this world and make it a better place and reminds us that we are GREAT just for being who we are. 

What is a woman?

The easiest definition would be a "female human being" while the online web will tell us that a girl is associated with a younger female. 

What is Empowerment?

Authority or power given to someone to do something.

So the definition of A WOMAN IN Empowerment would be a female who has been given the power to do something???



a MOVEMENT by women lead by women who are in power to do something?

This is good...

SO who gives us the power to do that thing?


So the creator OF ALL FEMALE gave us the power needed to began a movement.

So, just to let you know Women Empowerment is NOT what you wear, not what you create and its not even WHO YOU ARE. It's a movement to shine on the power of a WOMAN. 

When wanting to be someone who contributes to the WOMEN EMPOWERMENT movement you would want to first tap into the power that's within you. The power God created you to have. Once you obtain that power you can help others to as well. That tells me to be someone in leadership you have to have experience something. You have to be close to the creator to know the power that's set before you. 

A WOMAN IN EMPOWERMENT doesNOT hurt her fellow sisters right?

So you can't be a leader in this movement if you 

1. Are jealous of another sister

2. Talk about another sister

3. Cheat with another sisters spouse

4. Not support all sister of all races, backgrounds and ethnic groups. 

 (Did I cover it all???)

It's so easy to began a new group on Facebook or start a new GIRL GROUP but make sure your being lead up the ladder and not down. We have to learn to pray for the direction we should go and let God lead us. Believe me he will. It's amazing when the power of God is where you are. Make sure you feel this when your with your girls and being taught because without God there just isn't a reason to be there. God is the truth and the light and without him we will be lost. 

I love you all and thank you all for supporting this blog and praying for me. I'm excited to see where each and everyone of us GROWS in 2020. 

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