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Weekly Inspirational...6/15/2020 BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE...

People will be jealous of you because of what they see...I've learned every woman has a story and I'm strengthen by many I see. Being jealous of someone else will have to mean you don't value what God has already given you, what he has already gifted you with and you don't trust him. Being mean to someone else would have to mean your not confident in who God created you to be, your not satisfied with what you have and that belittling someone else makes you feel better. We as woman do this a lot and what does this do to our journey? Our blessings? To what God has for us? It makes it harder, it cripples it and it makes the wait longer..

There are sooooo many opportunities for us all!!! Learn to collaborate instead of talk down. Learn to celebrate instead of put down and learn to support instead of shame. 

This won't be easy because everyone wants to be #1 and won't settle for nothing less. Everyone wants to be at the top and that's fine along as it doesn't cost you your witness. It's not worth it!

How easy is it to support your sister?

By sharing her business, by commenting a complement on her picture, by supporting her event whether you can be there or not and by checking in with your sister. We all have our situations in life that make us have to take a moment. Thats when we need our sisters the most. 

All this underlying issues are causing you not to be that sister you need to be to your sister. How do you get it right, you ask?

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