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Vision on the GO(AL)


Some of you get discouraged away from home and need something to empower you while your on the go... what better way than one of these three vision boards!

1-If you work in an office setting and or have your own space at work use this folder idea. All four sides of the folder can be used up with your goals and visions. It's also a great idea to attach dates to your goals that you want to obtain in 2019.

(Make sure to use positive words that will lift you up and pushy you)

2-THE VISION BOARD app available on your store on your phone. (Orange app)

This app allows you to attach pictures and dates to each goal. This is my favorite it helps to hold you accountable and allows you to keep it on you at all times!

3-The computer is also a great way to carry your vision on the goal. You can save it to your desktop so when you open your computer its always there. This can be created by taking a picture of the one at home and or creating one in Microsoft office and downloading picture to desktop. 

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