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To all moms of black and brown boys

To all moms of black and brown boys. Whether by birthing them, adopting them or being a bonus mom to one. It’s your responsibility to make for sure they understand the importance of their life. It’s important to inform them how their strength is seen as a threat and their wisdom, tools and gifts are underplayed and underpaid.

Don’t just be hard on them but sit them down and inform them of why you're so hard. How the statistics stacked up against them say they will never be anything, they can’t raise a family let alone take care of one, how it’s said they will be locked up before their 16th birthday, how if they make a mistake they will be made an example of, their punishment will not fit their crime and how even if they go to the top schools and have the best grades they will get past over simply for the color of their skin.

Yes we Thank God that times now are nowhere like it was back then but we have so far too go! We still have people in positions of power whether it’s in government, schools or hospitals who don’t like you because of the color of your skin. It’s a war we all have to join together and fight. You see something speak up! Be the change you want to see! Remind our black and brown boys that they're more than capable of beating all odds stacked against them. They can do anything they put their mind to. They don’t have to find love in all the wrong places. They don’t have to walk away from their responsibilities. They have options and their life matters!

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