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The Cell Phone Contract for KIDS...

When having a preteen in this day and age everyone has a cell phone. I remember growing up I didn't have too many electronics and a cell phone none the less didn't happen until I was way past our oldest age. Jeshawn is 10 but has had a phone for about a year now. At first I told myself hey its a free phone doesn't matter just give it to him. Later on seeing the difference it made in his behavior, grade & responsibility level we decided to do a contract. Just like when we as adults get a cell phone we have to do a contract so what better way to teach than to do it the right way. 

Below is a copy of the contract we created for Jeshawn. As you can see we outlined our expectations and made a list of his duties. It was made clear what he would need to do to keep his phone. By having him sign it with us gave him responsibility and allowed us to use this contract when needed to keep him aware of what he signed and promised to uphold. 

Jeshawns Cell Phone Contract

Jeshawn understand this phone is not a necessity and is a gift from you parents. It’s a privilege to have and it belongs to your parents who are trusting you to do the right thing with it. Respect your parents and be mindful of the certain apps/sites you go on and make sure you are not abusing this right to have a phone. Read and sign your contract below.

Jeshawn must:

  • Only have phone Friday-Sunday during the school year and during the hours my parents have it set to be on.

  • Complete and turn in all of his homework 

  • Not have below a “C” in his weekly Friday folder (make sure to make any corrections to bring any low grades up)

  • Be able to keep his grades up and bring A’s & B’s home on Report Card 

  • Be responsible and organized

  • Not receive any disciplinary slips or notes from school that reflect bad/inappropriate behavior

  • Respect your parents and adults around you 

  • Be a positive example for your brothers 

  • Complete all chores/Read for 30 mins & Study for any upcoming test for the week.

When using my phone:

  • I will not text/call anyone inappropriately 

  • I will not get on any social media sites

  • I will not open/view inappropriate pages 

  • I will not download/purchase anything I have not gotten permission to 

  • I will not share my families contact information, our personal information and or photos with strangers 

  • I will make sure my parents know my passwords and when it needs to be changed updating them with any password changes

  • I will immediately report/communicate with my parents if someone sends me something inappropriately 

***I understand that having my phone is a privilege and that it belongs to my parents. At any time this contract can be updated and or my phone can be taken away. I must earn my cellphone privileges by obeying this contract and being the responsible kid they have trusted me to be. By signing this contract means I will follow the terms of this contract and if I don't it will be taken away***

____________________                     ________________________            ________________

(Child’s Printed Name)                           (Child’s signature)                                        (Date)

____________________                    ________________________              ________________

(Parent/Guardian Printed Name)      (Parent/Guardian Signature)                            (Date)

Every child is different so you may want to add and or take away but its defiantly something to do for any child being presented with a cell phone. Why? Because we noticed a difference in Jeshawn. Kids respond to you taking away their electronics than you yelling at them. Having them sign this will allow them to be held accountable and already know their consequence ahead of time to avoid the potting phase or confused look when you tell them "hand me your phone"

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Thank you

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