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Sex isn't's good when it's done God's way!

Sex in the context of marriage isn't wrong, in fact the word of God tells the husband in Proverbs 5:18-19 "may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love"

Why is it that when you talk about sex among the church that you get the dirty stares and looks? Why is it they look around before discussing the subject or their shocked when you bring it up? If anything, sex should be discussed amongst the believers because God designed it and EVERYTHING God made is good!

Talk of marriage and sex is all through the word of God! 1 Timothy 4:1-5 talks about the false teachings of marriage. He urges believers to receive the truth of what God created because everything created by God was good. Some church folk would have you believe that the discussion of sex is filthy and wrong but the word tells us to enjoy our spouses and to be fruitful and multiply. There is nothing wrong or shameful about God-honored sex between a husband and a wife. God created man and woman so that each body will be delightful to the other. So, sex in the context of marriage is a gift from God. Ephesians 5 tells the husbands to love their wives as they would their own bodies and themselves. Songs of Songs 4:5-7 speaks of a husband taking delight in his wife and a wife in her husband. Continuing in Songs of Songs 7:6-9 we see a man taking delight in his bride and complementing every part of her, exploring every inch of her and expressing what he loves. Man… the word of God is like a love story and confirms how everything, EVERYTHING is in the word of God, including intimacy and sex with your spouse. 

Being single shouldn't be seen as a bad thing or shameful when it comes to sex and intimacy. This is your time to read what God says about the topic! Set the foundation now and stay pure for your spouse. While you wait continue to honor God with your life and spend time discussing healthy topics that will prepare you for the assignment of marriage. 

In marriage there will be times that you may fall ill. A woman may become pregnant. Her body is then taken over by another life. A man may have an illness that may him. Whatever the case, communicate with your spouse how you feel and what's happening to avoid feelings of neglect. We are to cover and respect each other, striving to stay in tune with our spouses. Keep negative thoughts from consuming you. Ephesians 5:25 tells us men are to love their wives, just as Christ loves the church. Christ gave up everything for the church. He wasn't demanding or selfish. He thought of the world before himself and put our needs first. Husbands are called to a high standard when comparing marriage to the church. A husband lays his life down for his wife and the wife respects her husband for his position and what he has done.


Romans 12:10 which discusses being devoted to one another in love. Honoring one another above our own selves. It's important to communicate with your spouse. Your expectations maybe different from theirs, but honoring each other should trump any difference you may have. Sex is an act of mutual love and respect. Consider how you can mutually satisfy each other by asking the hard questions. Find out each other needs. Also, read 1 Corinthians 7 which goes into more detail of having sexual relations with your spouse and giving each other what God intended.

I hope this sheds light on God’s design for sex and how it's a healthy topic of discussion. It's also important not to put the fear in our children concerning sex, but to teach them it’s great when done God’s way. Discuss the topic in stages so that conversations are age appropriate. When to discuss sex with your children is your decision, but it’s important for children to be taught in order to protect themselves from harm and to have the proper outlook on God’s gift of sex.

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