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Potty Training 3 kids at the same time

I hesitated on writing another blog about potty training there's like a hundred on the websites, blogs and YouTube but I heard someone say your story may help someone so here it goes..

My husband Corey and I have talked about potty training, We even started the boys but still giving them the security of wearing pull-ups when needed. I can honestly say I was hesitated and the one wanting the kids to have a security because maybe a part of me was holding them back or I really was afraid of them not being ready but whatever was holding me went out the door when my husband said "We're no linger buying pull-ups". In my one breathe my fears disappeared and my cape was place don my back, I think! The night will start with three boys (Our three year old twins and 2 year old) all in underwear.

Surprisingly the night went by great no problems. We made sure the boys didn't get that much to drink and after dinner they went to the bathroom. Before you knew it we had a routine. I stayed home from the office when I could especially the first three days making sure the boys every hour lol the rough part wouldn't come until we tried to do "LIFE" go somewhere, take the boys to get their hair cut, go to church etc..

When potty training and have to go out make sure kids go to bathroom before! Tip: try to schedule your outing/meetings around lunch and nap time. This is make sure the kids eat and drink and can go to the bathroom instead of in the car or at the travel place. We are successfully on our second month all the boys being potty trained and in big boy underwear.

Here are 5 tips to help you in your journey.

  1. Sketch out a weekend and or 3-4 days to potty train.

  2. Purchase a lot of t-shirts and underwear.

  3. Grab your child favorite candy and toys (The dollar store is totally fine. Get more for your buck)

  4. STICKERS... this is a must use these as rewards for going to the bathroom.

  5. A potty is needed and I advise putting this in the bathroom. Avoid putting the potty in comfortable places like in front of the tv and or in the living room.

Reach out to me for any additional info!

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