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Pandemic Therapy

For the last year and a half the world we all knew to be one way was and still is hit with a pandemic that has shifted our families, finances and faith. Who would have known our new normal would be thinking about whether our children will be going back to school or stuck virtual at home, whether our restaurants would have coverage when our family comes in town on the weekend and whether relationships we knew would continue to be strong and united. Since Covid-19 mental health, divorce and suicide have been up all while pregnancy rate is up as well. So let me get this straight, theres more divorces and mental health conditions than ever but babies still coming in this world at the same time to more single parent homes with mental health issues...than ever?! Looks like the cycles we know it to be true are stronger now in a Pandemic than ever.

How do we recover? How do we get back to some type of normal? Can FAITH help us make a come back? My answer is always going to be God... but that means doing what he would have us to do. Having a heart like his son Jesus requires us to remove the things that causes the most division. This isn't a political, racial and or sexual thing....this is an unconditional love thing... this is more than you and me but its going to start with us! Moms, grandmothers, sisters, aunties and friends to come together and put our heads together and help this world start to heal. There is a lot of work that needs to be done but we can start somewhere right? Starts with us doing more events of healing and empowerment than events for entertainment. More webinars and seminars of learning about ourselves and treating others how we want to be treated, building businesses and wealth. Encouraging a single mom she can do it! Helping a homeless woman get back on track. Creating safe houses and more woman shelters. Having tutoring and after school tech centers to help our youth. ROME wasn't built in a day and we cant change all that has happened in a day but slowly and surely over time we will get back to a new normal we all can live with. Let's build ladies...What are your thoughts? Where should we begin?


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