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My prayer to a child raised without a parent...

Nobody would ever understand what a child that was raised without their father/mother goes through. Unless you experienced it. Not talking about a child going through a divorce. I’m talking about children who parent simply made a choice to not do or not show up! It takes a mature man/woman, a man/woman who gets his/her strength and love from God to raise a child that by blood says it’s not theirs.

My heart aches today for any child who has to experience lack. Children don’t have a choice of who their parents are. Who their parents love and what situations that an adult puts them in. God trusts us to raise the children he has blessed us with in the way he tells us to.

A child shouldn’t have to lack attention, unconditional love or go without. Some will argue that’s why God tells us how to bring a child into this world and I thought that too was a simple answer but even married couples bring children into toxic environments.

Today and everyday I pray for every adult still struggling with something that happened when they were a child, I pray for healing, I pray for restoration and I pray for a new opportunity! I pray for that single parents get another chance at happiness and another chance to be loved the right way! Another chance to see how being the right way! The way God attended can change your whole life.

Life isn’t going to change unless you make the first step! True maturity is realizing when you have to make a change. How do you know? God is love! God is peace! God is trust! God is real! Anything else is not of God and is a counterfeit!

--Love Lady J

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