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Live as though your Prayers have already been ANSWERED..

Go test drive that Car

Go on a walk through of that House

Go take a tour of that office Space

Go try on that Wedding Dress...

Don't get discouraged when you don't get that job you applied for or don't get approved for that house you walked through! Something BIGGER is coming and its important that your strengthen through this process so when the storms come, because there will be storms you are well prepared!

Weekly Prayer

Lord, Forgive me for any sins I've committed known or unknown, Thank you for another day. Another chance to do it right. Lord, guide me to walk in my purpose that you have on my life. Focus me and direct me to the path you have set aside for me. Renew my mind, heart and spirit! Father I thank you for what you've done already in my life and what you are working on for me, right now! Lord help me to Love like you, forgive like you, trust like you! Be more like you heavenly Father, Thank you for healthy body, minds, souls and spirits, I thank you, Amen.

Love you guys!


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