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July Woman of the Month Lady Alicia Fowler

About Lady Alicia Fowler...

  1. Favorite Color- Purple

  2. Favorite Television show- Fixer Upper

  3. Favorite Song (I have a few lol)- Power In the Blood (Baptist Hymn), Let Praises Rise (ORU Worship Center), All of Me (John Legend)

  4. Favorite Book- Coldest Winter Ever (Sister Souljah)

Can you tell us about yourself?

Are you married? If so tell us a little about your spouse and what you love most about them. What I love most? 

I am married to Bishop Jonathan Fowler (Lead Pastor of the Improving Lives Church). What I love most about my husband is that he is a pusher...he will push you into your purpose and greatness.

Any children? How old? 

The “Fowler Four”....16,14,12,and 9

Where are you from? 

I’m a native of NY (Kingston, NY)

What’s your favorite thing to do when you have some time off? 

Generally during my time off I spend it with the family. I do set aside some “Me Time” to get my hair and nails done. I would describe myself with the word “compassionate”. I have a passion for helping others and wanting to see them succeed at whatever goal they have set for themselves. 

What’s one word you would use to describe yourself? Why?

I would describe myself with the word “compassionate”. I have a passion for helping others and wanting to see them succeed at whatever goal they have set for themselves. 

Lady Alicia Fowler the Entrepreneur

Business: Boss Lady Virtual Solutions

When did you start this business? and how did this idea come about?

I started this business because I wanted to use my skill set and experience on my own time, making money for my own business and not someone else’s. I’ve worked in the corporate arena for years and never really found that “job” that was satisfying or was suitable for my family dynamic. One day I was talking to my husband and he said to me why not have your own business. I thought about it for a while and put it off for a long while. I was operating out of fear and not faith. So I then decided to get out of fear and step out on faith. At that moment I had a peace in my spirit about it. 

What keeps you waking up each morning and loving what you do?

I’m motivated to do what I do because I know one day the vision God gave is going to fully manifest. I have to keep building and keep working at it. 

What advice can you give to another woman wanting to start a business?

I would advise first to pray about it, to be in alignment with God. Once she has a peace in her spirit, then go for it. Do your research, get a business plan together, make a budget, and make it happen. Don’t let your excuses cause you to miss what is destined for you. 

What’s one thing you have learned about your business that you can share with someone else to help them?

I’ve learned that building a business does take time and work. At first I was thinking I didn’t have to put too much time into my business but I quickly found out I was wrong. The same time I put into doing my job in the corporate arena would be the same time I would need to invest into my OWN business. There is a greater appreciation when you invest your own time and money into your business. 

What’s one thing you can’t go a day without? Why?

I can’t go a day without a cup of tea….I’m just I can’t go a day without thanking God for His grace and mercy. I appreciate God for giving me talent, skills, and wisdom. I don’t always get it all right but He gives it to me anyway. I can’t be perfect but I’m always striving for excellence in all that I do. 

What’s one thing your clients/followers don’t know about you?

My clients/followers probably don’t know that I’m 42….lol. I don’t look it and I hold to the age of 26 :) 

Is there a book, quote or advice you have been given that helped you with your business?

I have this quote that I say all the time…. “ Prove yourself to YOURSELF not to others”. That quote has helped me in these recent weeks because for so long I was trying to live up to these images and ideas of who others thought I should be. I got revelation that I have to be the “me” who God has designed and called me to be. So I’m not doing what I do to show others I can do it. I’m doing what I’m doing to show myself that I can do it and be successful.


What is next for you? Any events for 2020?I officially started my business February 2020

What’s next for me? My goal is to continue to build and grow my business. I want to become involved in more networking circles. Before the end of this year I plan to start working on my non-profit organization. My goal is to get my non-profit up and running in 2021. 

My motto….. “She leaves a little sparkle everywhere she goes”

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