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I choose my chain and I choose HER today!

What is a cycle? (Answer in the comment box)

Cycles begin with you allow your praise to be broken by you chains instead of allowing your chains to be broken by your chains..

Scripture to study: Philippians 1:12-26

When you are unmovable and unshakeable you allow your glory to be carried back to your children, family, businesses and more.

What chains are holding you back today? Are there things from your past? (Answer in the comment box)

Whether that be a bad or toxic relationship, being rape or molested, losing a job, someone in your life telling you you're not good enough or you won't succeed. Whatever that chain is that is keeping you from walking your purpose were going to not allow our chains to STOP us! 

Don't look at your chains as holding you back but instead ask yourself "What chain will allow me to raise above" Tell yourself this chain will allow me to be that example. 

What the enemy is after:






But overall your happiness 

How do you be release the chain(s)?

H-Hear from God- stay in his word, read his word and surround yourself with positivity.

E-Empower others- once you have passed your test it's your job to help others by using what you've been through as a way to show others that anything is possible through God.

R- Rise above- always take the high road, stop looking at everything as its out to get you and RISE ABOVE!

I too have been through many chains in my life and not too long ago I thought those chains kept me from what God had for me. But what I learned is that it wasn't the chain it was the person "IN CHAINS" me! When I started thinking about my chains not holding me back and instead the chain being the same thing God will use to get the glory out my situation I started to walk out my situation and the chains were released and my past had no jurisdiction over my future. In other ways I felt like I cared more about what others would say when my chains began to show to others. What I've learned in my chains is that we have to stop living for people and their approval and live for God and his blessings.

I want you to look over your life today and think about the chains in your life. What cycle stops with you today?

Repeat after me:

The CYCLE stops with ME!

The CYCLE stops with I say it STOPS!


If he can make you think your chains in your life is here to embarrass you, cause you to be stopped and destroyed he will try to distract you with your chain but today serve the enemy notice that I'm not going to allow the chains in my life to make stop what God wants me to do.

Your test will be a testimony. What others see as a mess God will turn it into a MESSAGE. It's not a step back its a step in the right direction. The direction of breaking free and remaining free...


Heavenly Father we thank you for another day. Thank you for all that you have done for us. Lord we ask for forgiveness for any sins that we've committed known or unknown anything said or done not like you. Help us to be better people to do what you have called us o do. Help us Father to take charge over these cycles and to know that you have our best in store and that this is just a test. Help us to past the test. Help us to not give up to be stronger than before to be carriers off your Glory and allow you to do the work we need in us. In Jesus name we pray, Amen. 


Write down ever chain in your life thats keeping you Fromm LIVING! Write down everything in you life you don't like about yourself.

Now I want you to tear this list up.

Now throw it in a trash bag

Now take the trash bag to the dumpster

....Now be DONE! 

Remember: If God put a Goliath in front of you, HE must believes that there's a David inside of you!

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