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I AM A BLACK WOMAN AND I BREASTFEED... #blackbreastfeedingweek

I AM A BLACK WOMAN AND I BREASTFEED... #blackbreastfeedingweek

Statistics tell us that...

1. Black women have the highest fatality rate when delivering a baby and statistics go further to prove it comes from the poor maternal health received while in the hospital.


Black women are shown to breastfeed less than white women for the numbers of black women currently breastfeeding are lower.

It’s already overwhelming when you come home with a new baby! Doesn’t matter how many you have had each pregnancy is different. Doesn’t matter if your a new mom or not your journey is one of its own. Being able to breastfeed your child is such an amazing gift from God. The ability we have as woman to provide milk for our babies is essential part of their first years and it’s not always easy! History shows us breastfeeding began in slavery a time where black slaves was forced to stop breastfeeding their own babies to breastfeed the children of their masters. So...yes I get it there are many reason why breastfeeding isn't always our first go to and while some of us have no problem breastfeeding some of us aren't able to. This week we celebrate black women who have beaten the odds and gave up soooo time, sleep and cozy nights to make sure their babies are given the best.

My personal story goes something like this! Jeshawn (12 yrs old) was breastfeed once at birth and then I stopped. I was young and had no education about it. Had I known the benefits of breastfeeding and/or received guidance as a new young mom I would have tried again.

The twins I was able to breastfeed when I saw them but for 1 week and 7 days I had to pump at home and take to the hospital everyday. Once they came home I simply gave up after a month. Having two babies who needed you at once was extremely tiring and frustrating. There were several days I cried and especially when they had to stay in the hospital I didn't think I was given my all for them. I was so hard on myself and had to really empower myself back from that state of mind.

Cayden from birth was able to breastfeed and I did it for 11 MONTHS the longest before Jorie and a super long goal of mine that I accomplished and was truly excited about.

Jorie is close to 3 months and I’m thankful we’re able to keep it going. Goals is 1 year!

If you needed a PUSH this is it...You can do it! Don't give up! KEEP GOING...For all my African American mommies who are breastfeeding... HAPPY BREASTFEEDING WEEK!!!  

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