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How to survive the teenage years with your TEENAGER!

I don't think there is a guide that can tell you what's the right way or wrong way to surviving the teenage years with your teenager but I will say that taking nuggets from other women, learning from Jeshawn, our oldest and their stories helps me to survive with our thirteen year old and the world we live in now. It's definitely a different world were in now when it comes to our children and especially teenagers. Where battling against a time where there is more peer pressure, a whole lot social media and CELLPHONES! I came up with 5 tips to help you as you battle with knowing how to survive these teenage years with your teenager.

  1. Communication: to me this is the #1. Communication is important especially for your teen. It's important to know that your child can talk to you about anything.

  2. Consistency: Children and especially teens. need a well balanced life full of consistency. Knowing that you wont change your love for them or the way you look at them (as your baby and child)

  3. Approachable: A child see's how we respond to situations and takes note. Being able to be approachable in all situations determines how often your child will come and talk to you and about which matters they feel comfortable based on you relationship.

  4. Understanding: Remember we we're their age at one time. Place yourself in that situation. How would you had wanted your parents to respond? Act?

  5. Enforcer: There are just some times when a child just needs to be disciplined. This maybe being placed on punishment, removing them from their favorite things to do, taking away the game or the phone until you see their behavior has changed. It's important to remind them of who the adult is and how much of what they have are things you reward them with and not necessarily necessities they NEED.

Tonight I was able to speak with Jeshawn about what he thinks when it comes to relationships with parents and teenagers. In summary children need love, an open life line but believe it or not children need discipline and consequences. This will make them better adults and able to make the right decisions. You momma's out there what are your thoughts or parenting teenagers and success you want to share?

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