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God gives us the will to choose who we spend our time with...

Cheating isn’t something you have to endure to show your strong or can withstand anything! Marriage everyday is a choice to be with that ONE person and to do what you have to stomp on the enemies head. Especially when he tries to destroy something he didn’t put together. Even in a relationship you want to prevent the enemy and his attacks but also remember to save somethings for your husband! Putting in work in a relationship for years just to end of single shouldn't be the goal.

Marriage is like a daily goal you have to tell yourself what do I do today to keep my marriage together, to keep it on fire and to remind my significant other their appreciated.

Daily you have to pray and remind yourself that the enemy will try his hardest to take something he didn’t put together just to say he won. You have to have enough God and a strong prayer life to defeat him and remind him just who you are. 

God is in the 3 strand cord and ain’t nothing the enemy can do about it! Remind yourself that God gives you the will to decide who you spend your time with and who you decide to be with. If their actions align with what you read in his word and what you know you deserve then that seals the deal. The main goal is to be with a godly man. So... that when test comes (because they will) and the enemy tries to sneak in that you all have enough God and prayer to defeat him and enough God to have good character and to do the right thing when nobody is looking.

Hope this helped you. Please share with another beautiful woman on this journey of empowerment.

Jerrica L. Aiken

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