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Goals & Debt FREEDOM

Get rid of DEBT 2020

What’s the fastest way to start getting out of debt? ✅Get rid of cable  ✅Stop eating out  ✅Stop your online subscriptions  ✅Stop online shopping 

Supplements  Instead of cable bill (try Netflix/Hulu only if you can afford it) Instead of eating out (try new recipes at home and buy what you like from store) Instead of online subscriptions (save this money until you can afford it) Instead of online shopping (wear what you currently have until you can afford it)

After eliminating these you can begin to save. 

First Goal

Save at least $500-1000.00

Jlynnonline Goal Plan 2020

GOALS 24/7/12/365

Why is it important to write daily/weekly & monthly goals?

It's important to write out daily, weekly & monthly goals so that yearly goals aren't as hard and can be reached. 


If my yearly goal is to purchase a new home.

My daily goal 

Don't spend money on lunch, take lunch to work or school.

Weekly goal

Save $50 from lunch and put into savings.

Monthly goal

Pay off Dr. Bill for $100 with the money saved this month from lunch.

By completing your goals this way will help minimize stress, get better outcomes and help you to celebrate small successes. 

How can I be successful in completing my goals?

You will have success and have fun when you celebrate your small wins. Each step of your journey is worth celebrating. 

Is there a certain strategy to goal planning?

Theres no certain strategy to goal planning but there is a successful way to write them out. When writing out goals you want to have the goal be attached to a date you want to complete it. Why? This will hold you accountable and make sure you are ahead of the game. You want to also put your goals in a place you can see them daily whether its in the office, on your phone, in your car or wherever you go.

How can I get my spouse involved with my goals?

Some need an accountability partner someone to hold them accountable this could be your spouse or a good mentor or friend. You both can hold each other accountable. Daily/Weekly check ins are a plus and a great way to vent and or celebrate your success.

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