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First year of college...Now What?! Taniah German

How has college been this year? Any struggles? Highs? Lows? How did covid-19 affect your first-year experience?

- College for me so far has shown me what most consider “tough love” though it was a lot like high school. In the beginning I was having a hard time with a few of my classes and that’s something I never experienced in high school. I always got good grades, so when I didn't I questioned myself as to why I’m here and felt like I wasn't good enough. Best part of my freshmen experience was definitely the late nights in the library with my friends. It seemed so small for a college high but we were in there for hours dying of laughter and truly living in the moment and enjoying things for what they were all while trying to finish papers and assignments due the next day. COVID-19 didn’t really affect my experience studies wise; but socially I wish I was able to finish my year all the way though at school, I missed all the first year spring events.

If you could have done one thing differently coming into college what would it have been?

 -Honestly thinking back nothing, besides bringing my car. That had its pros and cons having my car would have made it easier exploring Columbia as a whole, but walking allowed me to actually learn the ins and outs of my campus and shortcuts to places.

What can you say your glad you did before getting to college that helped prepare you for this experience?

 -I’m glad I knew how to be organized. Being in college is like a full time job. I had work to do everyday. I always kept a planner and color coded folders and notebooks. I knew what to do and when I had to do it everyday. I was literally my own “personal assistant”. Which helped keep me focus and manage my time. 

Tell us about meeting new people, gaining new friendships and how relationships has impacted your college experience?

 -Meeting new people was pretty easy. I must say a smile goes a long way. I’ve formed friendships with people who are a lot like me and some who aren’t but we mesh well. Relationships have really helped my college experience from gaining study buddies, gaining a good grade in a class, to even cutting the line at social events.

Who can you say helped prepare you for your college experience and how did they do that?

-My whole family. Going into college I had such a strong foundation behind me, they helped with literally everything, made being in college a lot easier. Sometimes I would become home sick and call and someone was always there to answer.

Whose one teacher you would thank from High School that helped the most to prepare you for this college experience.

-All my high school teachers were amazing. But I’d like to definitely thank my Coach Mr. Casson, though he was a coach he was also a communities in schools counselor. Outside of coaching he helped me from start to finish with my college journey, from making phone calls, faxing my papers, helping me find scholarships, and even just offering motivation. I definitely appreciated him.

Whats one thing you learned about yourself this year that you didn't already know?


-I learned that I am very self disciplined. I knew when enough was enough for myself. I was hanging out with great people all the time but I always told myself that I need to get my rest, I have an exam or I have to study. Sometimes peer pressure formed but I always stood my ground when it came to my work. 

What’s a life lesson you have learned during your first year of college?

-I definitely learned to put myself first. It sounds very selfish too, but it’s needed in a humbling way. I’m such a giving person. Sometimes we do things to make others happy and forget about ourselves and it becomes very draining when the same energy isn’t received. Self care is definitely a priority!  

What are you most excited about for next year of college? How will what you experienced your first year help you succeed next school year?

- Definitely excited to be back on campus! Because of COVID-19 I’ve been home way too long. 

Is there anything you would do differently for next year? Why?

-One thing I would do differently is get out more, not even just campus wise but also city wise. My school is in Columbia SC and I’m not from there and I haven’t had the chance to really explore the city outside the campus. 

Any accomplishments you would like to share? Goals that you were able to meet and or your academic report?

-Making Dean’s List both Fall/Spring semester 

What are your goals for next year?

 -Maintain a good GPA/ make dean's list again. 

-Attend more business networking events and begin an internship

What advice can you give to a senior entering college for their first year?

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