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First year of college...Now What?! Maya Brown

How has college been this year? Any struggles? Highs? Lows? How did covid-19 effect your first-year experience?

- My first year in college was eye-opening, to say the least. At different points in both semesters, I experienced a lack of motivation. That usually happened whenever I felt like the work that I did wasn’t going to be helpful in the upcoming years. My highs include meeting new people, getting leadership opportunities, and travelling. My lows include ridiculous exams, losing sleep, and weird college rules.

- To be honest, covid-19 didn’t really hurt my first-year experience. I was kind of glad to go home early.

If you could have done one thing differently coming into college what would it have been?

- If I could have done one thing differently coming into college, I would have taken more pictures.

What can you say you’re glad you did before getting to college that helped prepare you for this experience?

- I’m super glad I attended a residential STEM high school. The transition to college from high school, to me, was smooth.

Tell us about meeting new people, gaining new friendships and how relationships has impacted your college experience?

- One of life’s main components is community, so being able to meet new people with different backgrounds and ways of life has impacted my college experience tremendously. It’s good to have a mini-perspective of what the world is like instead of remaining in an environment that you have always resided in. Gaining new friendships has helped me improve socially. I’m learning how to have better conversations and how to be a good listener.

Who can you say helped prepare you for your college experience and how did they do that?

- Honestly, that would be most of the staff and faculty at South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics. Living in a residential high school really set the stage for me to prepare for college, from the dining hall workers to my calculus teacher to my college counselor.

Whose one teacher you would thank from High School that helped the most to prepare you for this college experience.

- My precalculus and calculus teacher, Dr. Nicole Kroeger.

What’s one thing you learned about yourself this year that you didn't already know?

- Being a perfectionist makes me an expert procrastinator.

What’s a life lesson you have learned during your first year of college?

- If you don’t practice and master discipline, life will do whatever it wants to do to you.

What are you most excited about for next year of college? How will what you experienced your first year help you succeed next school year?

- I’m extremely excited for a fresh start. I’ll finally get into the main courses for my major. I’m excited to actually get in some practice for my future career. I’ll be able to put into practice what I learned from my first-year mistakes.

Is there anything you would do differently for next year? Why?

- I would incorporate a strict workout plan and make sure to take regular walks outside. It’s so easy to become lazy in college and being healthy makes everything so much easier. You build a stronger body, and you improve your immune system which makes it harder for illness to shoot you down. Exercising also relieves stress and gives you a clearer mind.

Any accomplishments you would like to share? Goals that you were able to met and or your academic report?

- This past year I was elected Freshman Representative for my university’s National Society of Black Engineers chapter. For this upcoming year, I will serve as the Secretary for the chapter. Also, I was chosen to be First-Year Representative for my school’s Women in Computing chapter.

What are your goals for next year?

- 4.0 GPA

- Maintain a strict sleeping schedule

- Keep a good workout routine

- Visit more places in Nashville

- Take more PHOTOS

What advice can you give to a senior entering college for their first year?

- Get a sense of who you are BEFORE you get to college because many people let the ideas and beliefs of those they meet at school confuse them.

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