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Being quiet doesn't mean your weak...

It's crazy the time were living in now tells us if your not making the loudest noise in the room you aren't strong and you show signs of being weak.

To me the woman in the crowd thats silent is dangerous. You don't know what she is thinking and the plan she is mapping out is setting her up for success. She is quiet because that keeps her from losing control, losing herself and losing her mind. She is quiet because she's hurt and no words can describe the pain she feels.

Someone, a good friend reminded me of how I use to write through my pain, through my sadness, through my not so good days and lately I haven't had the energy to even pray. Does that feel like you sometimes? Have you had a hurt that took you out and you wondered if God was listening, if he heard your cry, saw what you we're going through and just decided to leave you to handle it alone?

I'm here to encourage you to get up! Get out that funk! Drop the emotions! Drop the bad thoughts and make a plan! Your happiness is counting on you gaining enough strength to make a step and allow God to do the rest. Allow God to remove them, replace them, change them and make you whole again. Do you believe Gods word? Do you believe he wants the best for you? That no harm will come to you? That you deserve the best? That someone, somewhere he has created for you that will love you unconditionally? I'm here to tell you. Try again!

There's a mom somewhere that gave up on her child because he always gave her problem. They started hanging with the wrong crowd and before she knew it they were changed and not the child she once knew before. I'm here to tell you. Try again!

There is a woman somewhere that gave up on pursuing her goals because she took time to raise her children. I'm here to tell you. Try again!

There is a business entrepreneur somewhere that gave up on the business because it got difficult, nobody was supporting you, you felt alone and you wanted to give up. I'm here to tell you. Try again!

There is a wife somewhere that gave up on her marriage because every tool the enemy could throw he did. He stole your happiness, your smile, your joy, your strength but guess what... You still have power. I'm here to tell you. Try again!

There is a daughter somewhere that gave up on love because seeing how it didn't work for her mom and dad, all they did was fuss and fight. Her dad never was home and steadily cheated on her mom. I'm here to tell you. Try again!

There is a sister that gave up on life because of the sexual assault. The pain is too much to bear and you think you need to just silence it and it will go away. IT WON'T! It just gets passed down to someone else. I'm here to tell you. Try again!

Whatever your going through feel safe today... right here...right now to release it! Don't feel bad that your silent. Take this time to heal, to focus, to realign, to gather, to figure it out!

Lord, I thank you for all you've done for me. Thank you for not giving up on me. Forgive me for any sins I have committed known or unknown. Keep me focused and away from all distractions. Lord heal me, Lord help me. Lord guide me. Lord hold me. Lord thank you for your blessings that will over power us and cancel every assignment of the enemy. Lord these are my goals let you see fit as to how it happens. I only want your success and timing to come. You know my purpose and you know what I need. Thank you for all you have done and all you're about to do in Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Love Lady Aiken

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