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August Woman of the Month SC House Representative Krystle Matthews

SC House Representative Krystle Matthews

You may know SC lawmaker for her actions in 2019 to end state’s ‘tampon tax’ on feminine-hygiene products (read article :HERE)

Krystle Matthews is originally from Sandusky, OH but now resides in Ladson, SC. She is a mom of 5! Ages 6,7,10, 14 and 16. Her favorite color is fuchsia and she enjoys watching Project Runway, sewing and traveling in her spare time. Her favorite song is AS by Stevie Wonder.

She attended Hampton, Univ. of Cincinnati and has an assoc. from BGSU.

What’s one word you would use to describe yourself? Why?

Authentic- because I'm always myself no matter the situation, it's my comfort zone lol

Can you tell about your position as Statehouse Representative?

I registered to run in March and was elected by majority vote in Nov of 2018 What made you want to run?

I read an article titled " Midterm Elections and why they're important"  and it changed my life!! I had no idea how important these elections were, and thought to myself… Wow, if I don't know and I consider myself to be pretty smart, how many people connected to me don't know?  We work, pick up kids, go to sports and it's not that we are ignoring it, sometimes when you don't know, you just don't know.  I went to sleep and woke up the next morning inspired to run for those like me.

What keeps you waking up each morning and loving what you do?

I love inspiring others in the working class, women, families to get involved in the decisions that affect the way we live.

What advice can you give to another woman wanting to start a business?

The hardest part is putting yourself out there, DO IT ANYWAY!! Run for your own reasons, not against another person. Be a great collaborator, NOBODY gets things done in politics alone. REFUSE to be anybody other than yourself.  Begin by deciding your why, then decide how you best thing your gifts/talents can be used to better your community and go for it! Find out where to apply and what to take, beware of deadlines & requirements.

What’s one thing you have learned about your business that you can share with someone else to help them?

Business is really just business to some people, controlling your emotions takes discipline and lots of it.

What’s one thing you can’t go a day without? Why?

I can't go a day without adding an idea to future planning, because I find that my life flows easier when I get to the fork in the road and I have well thought out options. The surprise options make for excitement but growth should be a constant.

What’s one thing your clients/followers don’t know about you?

I was a twin but the other one didn't survive. My mom says the Lord must've known one of me would be enough.

Is there a book, quote or advice you have been given that helped you with your business?

"People can only support you up to their level of comfort". That was told to me by Dr. Bridget Dewees and has stayed with me every step of the way.  When others can't see my visions, it doesn't deter me, I've been encouraged to walk alone when necessary.

What should the people voting for you know?

They should know that I am continually fighting for the things I see affect us as a large part of the working class, they should also have confidence in my ability to listen to their needs and act on their behalf

Words from our SC Representative

Real People for the People

Vote November 3, 2020

With re-election, I will continue to give women a strong voice in the State House, remove the barriers to quality healthcare faced by our elderly and most vulnerable, and support a strong community economy with business growth, sustainable housing, and employment opportunities. I will also provide transparency between citizens and the South Carolina state government. I am committed to increasing awareness and engagement about the issues that face our community. We deserve to live healthy, affordable, enjoyable lives and our communities should be a place that helps us thrive.  – Krystle Matthews, South Carolina State House Representative, District 117


Krystle Matthews

SC House District 117

Website Fb: Krystle Matthews for SC house Twitter:@Krystle_SC PO Box 555 Ladson SC 29456 Https:// Stay Tuned for the Launch of "Spilled Milk w/ Krystle Matthews. Coming soon

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