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Apologize to a stay at home mom

Until recently I never thought nooo scratch that I always thought "The stay at home MOM" had it good. I thought it was easy and anyone could do it. I can't apologize enough to all the stay at home moms out there. Usually deciding to stay at home is a decision that both "mom" & "dad" came to either personally to raise the kids or financially because if you take what daycare, food, gas & other bills would be it doesn't add up to you going to work. I can relate because daycare is anywhere from 10,000-15,000/year for one kid so with us having four smh 3 not in school thats a no brainer for us. As I take this time at home with my children I hear a lot of "your lucky" or "what do you do all day?" So I thought to give fair warning to everyone else here are somethings I put together that you should never say to a stay at home mom.

1-You're so lucky: "Lucky?!" lol changing diapers, cooking, cleaning (when I can), helping with homework and lack of sleep if that's lucky wow. I wonder when the good stuff will start. I'm blessed and I wouldn't change any of it for anything but we have to change the way we see stay at home moms and what they do.

2-What do you do all day? Well I guess I don't do anything if you have to ask! Staying at home means your everything to everyone. The mom, the supporter, the help, the teacher, the chef, the uber, the listener, the tasker, the list goes on. Being that I have worked in many positions since I was 15 I can say being at home full time is the longest, hardest but most rewarding job that I have had. I don't get paid money but the hugs and love is something money can't buy.

3-Why are you so tired? Usually they say 8 hours a day is what's needed to survive a day! LOL well usually for a stay at home mom with younger children you may get 4 hours altogether but you have energy like you slept for 12 hours. I have to still get a plan together to get more rest but for now the best advice I can give is when they sleep you sleep your health is important too. 

4-When do you get a break? BREAK...LOL I usually break when I use the bathroom or take a shower I use that time to breathe in and out LOL... I'm still working on this one but yesterday was able to get my toes done in like 2 months lord my toes looked bad!

5-Can you do me a favor? Just because we work from home doesn't mean we have all this spare time like we don't do anything. Just be cautious if how you ask for favors and that it doesn't come off like you don't think what they do as serious and or like its just not as important. 

Even in the beginning stages for me its rough. Being at home we wear many hats, were the secretary, the teacher, the maid, the nanny, the mommy, the wife, the uber, the prayer, the praiser, the EVERYTHING! Being a stay at home mom you have your days. Some are the most joyous moments until you start thinking about what your missing at work, what your missing in the bank, what your missing in the world. How do you not let these thoughts control you? You dig deeper and find your niche, what what keeps you sane. For me that prayer and praise! I know its going to take some time to get use to but for anyone who is a stay at home mom I feel you and for anyone isn't believe me not everyone would survive. The things you try to clean when you have time gets messy again in an hour, your constantly washing dishes if your like me I hate seeing dirty dishes, you can say goodby to 8 hours of sleep thats not going to happen when you have children under the age of 2! How am I able to get away to blog well that's another story don't have time! 

Hopefully this helped you understand when your stay at home moms friend gives you the eye or doesn't talk to you as much! 


Jerrica L. Aiken


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