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5 tips to help you when your feeling down

When life gets difficult and we start to be concerned about whats going to happen and if we can get through it. I want to first tell you that yes you can! 

Here are 5 tips to helping you through those rough times...

1. Read your word (bible) and talk with God. All things are made brand new and he will heal all brokenness by us reading what he says about us in his word helps me to be reminded of WHO I AM. 

2. The Gratitude List. Inside your journal and or on your smartphone you should have started this for our July Gratitude exercise but incase you haven't all you have to do is every day/night you are to think about what your thankful for, who your thankful and write them down.

                                         Ex. 1. God

                                               2. Hubby

                                               3. Kids

                                               4. Work ethic

                                               5. Determination 

(hope you get it! You'll realize as you create your list the things we don't even think about are the things were are most thankful for. So, when your having one of the moments just remember this!)

3. The InspireME Envelope: Inside this bigggg envelope should include: Inspirational quotes, messages, goals you have accomplished, good deeds and your favorite scriptures. Everytime you feel depressed pull out one, two, three, however many you need to remember you are AWESOME! ONE OF A KIND! SPECIAL! SMART! & IMPORTANT!

4. Surround yourself with positive people. Whether that be groups and or GOALfriends! The ones who will push you to your greatness and hold you accountable.

5. Write your goals! Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly this will help you to stay focus and prepared for each task.

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