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1. Pray about what it is God has for you. Ask him to show you and to guide you in the right direction. Make no decision without him.

2. Make a list for yourself of things you can work on in YOURSELF both personal and financial.

3. Put your attention and focus in to helping others and or projects to keep you busy. If you have a church be active in your church and keep your mind on CHIRST! Don't forget him in this process for he is the major piece.

4.It's okay to go out to eat alone or to see a movie alone along as your intentions are good and your mind is in the right place of singleness. Don't set yourself up!

5. DON'T do the chasing allow a man to surprise you and treat you like the queen you are allowing God to use him to show you what a true godly man is like. If you do all the chasing in the beginning you will continue to do EVERYTHING in the relationship as well. This will be something you would have to keep up and when you don't your relationship will suffer. It's okay to check up on him, to pray for him and even to make him feel wanted but don't make it one-sided and your doing it all!

Praying for those this morning who desire to be married and to have a family. When I was single in the beginning I did some of all the wrong things. 

What is wrong?

1. I made marriage a daily job. Every guy that tried to talk to me I thought was someone God sent to me and eventually will marry me. I would go out my way to make getting to know him a job. All my attention went on trying to let him see me as marriage material. I would always be the one calling, checking up on him, praying for him, making sure he was okay and in reality I was negating myself and who God said I was. I would initiate conversation and when we will meet. I was ALL IN!

Ladies if you do this you will not only fail you will be STRESSED OUT! He is suppose to inquire about you. It's okay to have conversation and to go out to eat but don't you be doing the chasing and not allowing him to find his good thang! 

Proverbs 18:22

2. I would go out a lot thinking this will allow me to run until my husband faster. I would travel a lot out of state thinking he wasn't in Charleston and somewhere playing professional ball so I would go to places and surround myself with celebrities and parties other social sites was attending.

Ladies God is more smarter than us and knows exactly what WE NEED. He created us so he knows how precious we are and the more we submit to God he will bring the man to us. Wherever you are and wherever you live God knows your address and will deliver it and sometimes expedite it!

Proverbs 31:10-31

3. I had this long list of what my husband should be. How he would look, How he will be packaged and what I thought I needed. 

Ladies we are NOT smarter than GOD and he doesn't need our help. While were making this list its a distraction and keeps us troubled in our minds of what we can't find and in turn makes us doubt the process.God knew us before we were born. He knows what we need and even our desires. Trust him and Trust the process.

Jeremiah 29:11

So even with doing the wrong things you can make a change today and work on all the right things...

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