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2020 Graduate Dymond Mintz

Dutch Fork High School

Dance, reading and writing

34th Annual Young and Gifted Awards in the arts category

North Carolina Central,Edward Waters College,Winston-Salem University and Voorhees University

What’s one thing you learned in your four years of high school that you will take with you as you prepare for college?

One thing I learned in my four years of high school is how to balance out work to decrease the amount of stress

How did you decide on which college you would attend?

I will be attending North Carolina Central University in the Fall

How important are your friendships and did that help you to succeed in high school?

My small group of friends throughout my high school years have been very important to me and they have helped me stay on track and we just balance each other out

What’s one word that describes high school and why?

One word that would describe my high school career is different, I chose that word because there were just so many things that happened in my high school years that I didn’t have planned

How important was having support to you as you went through high school?

Having support was extremely important because, even though I would have made it without it, it made getting through high school easier

Who are some of those individuals that supported you and helped you both in school and at home?

My parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends supported me all the way throughout my high school years. Me and my friends would call each other to get the work done together when we got home

What advice can you give to the younger you on what to do differently when beginning your freshman year of high school? 

When beginning your freshman year don’t try to fit in with a certain crowd and really stay true to yourself so you can be truly happy

How do you manage your social life and academic while in high school?

Managing my social life was easy because like I said me and my friends would help each other with stuff after school and at dance they had a study room which was available when you wanted time to pass when waiting for your dance class

What got you through the hard times in high school?

Taking time to really have a break from everything is what got me through high school

As you prepare to start your new journey in college, what are your goals for your freshman year?

My goals are to become comfortable in the new state I will be in, to find clubs and organizations that I like and make some friends that I can rely on

What advice can you give to someone starting high school and wanting to succeed?

Know what you really want to do and only do what you want to do, also don’t stress out too much

Why did you decide to go to college?

I decided to go to college because I always wanted to just to get that real college experience and be able to further my education

How important is success to you and why?

Success is important because it can make a person feel like they did something right but success is not needed as long as you are happy with whatever you’re doing

What is it that you want to do when you finish school/college?

I would want to open a dance studio for children with disabilities

How important is it to have supportive parents/role models while being successful in school? Why?

Having supportive role models/parents is very important because they will keep you on track and give good advice

What makes you a leader?

I never labeled myself as a leader but people say because of my welcoming personality and being able to be nice to anyone I meet that people tend to “follow” me

How important is your faith in your daily walk?

Faith in my daily walk is very important because it keeps me steady

How has your faith helped you succeed?

It has helped me succeed by keeping me straight forward

What’s one thing your mom/dad/parents have taught you that helped you to be successful in school?

They taught me to just stay myself and not to let other pressure me into anything

How has Covid-19 affected you? What keeps you pushing to keep your head in the game and succeed despite this challenge?

Covid-19 took away my senior prom but the most important thing to me was just graduating

Anything else you would like to add about yourself. Any advice for someone else and/or any quotes you will take with you to college? 

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”

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